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Immanuel Early Childhood Development Center
Preschool Program
Religious Training
Daily Bible stories
Chapel on Wednesday
Applications to Daily Life Skills
Humanitarian Efforts
Memory Verses

Math-SRA Real Math Building Blocks
Number & Operations
Oral Counting 1-30
Recognize numbers 1-10
Match amounts 1-10
Identify geometric shapes
Data Analysis & Classification
Daily Calendar Activities
Classroom group lessons

Language-SRA Open Court Reading
Say the ABC’s
Identify letters in name
Recognize name in print
Finger plays

Phonetic Awareness
Identify the ABC’s
Expose to beginning sounds

Book Awareness
Realize print has meaning
Identify parts of books
Read left to right

Reading & Responding
Listen for details
Make connections
Summarize a story 
Build language skills
Use language patterns
Communicate by speaking in complete sentences
Write name

Physical Education
Stretch & Grow
Cross brain activities
Co-operative games
Physical skill building
Eye hand coordination
Large & Small motor skills
Personal space
Music & Movement

Themes-Science/Health/Social Studies
All about me
Christmas/Polar Express
Children story books 
Kindness/Valentines Day
Nursery Rhymes
Community helpers
Themes the children choose

Social Skills
Play related skills
Individual Responsibility
Group Direction
Communication related skills
Emotion relates skills

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 
8:30-11 cost $100.00 registration fee program cost $1125.00 per year. 
Must be potty trained. 
Teacher child ratio is 1-10
3 to 4 year/old
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Monday - Friday 
8:00 - 11:00 cost $100.00 registration fee program cost $2070.00 per year. 
Must be potty trained. 
Teacher child ratio is 1-10
 4 to 5 year/old
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